Surprising Health Dangers In The Office

While your employer may have adopted all the essential measures recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), among other organizations dedicated to workplace safety, for worker safety in the workplace, you must still be aware of the hidden health dangers lurking in your office. While many of these workplace dangers may not result in injuries and illnesses necessitating the services of the best workers compensation attorney, you will benefit from your awareness.

And speaking of the best workers compensation attorney Los Angeles employees hire for their lawsuits, be sure to ask for their credentials as well as ask around for their track record before hiring them. Keep in mind that your case will have a higher rate of success when the workers compensation attorney hired for the job actually know what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how he will do it.

Overworked Employees

When you are stressed, overtired and overworked, you and your co-workers are more likely to be the victim of accidents, such as slipping, falling and tripping for many reasons. On the mental side, you are more likely to commit mistakes that can compromise the safety of your co-workers as well as yourself, such as when you fail to unplug electrical appliances after use.

On the physical side, you are more likely to fall, trip and slip on things that you would not otherwise have done in a stronger body. With your body being overtired as it is, you will be unable to deliver on the job, too.

Tip: Find ways to relieve your stress, such as taking short breaks or engaging in stretching exercises.

Workplace Bullies

Workplace bullying comes in many forms but all of these involve the intention to cause physical and/or psychological harm to others (i.e., intimidate or humiliate). The health dangers here are aplenty, too, such as anxiety, depression and sleep issues that also have their physical effects.

Did you know that you can ask a workers compensation attorney to file a lawsuit against employers and supervisors based on workplace bullying? Look at Sections 115, 116 and 117 of the Workers Compensation Act for more information.

Tip: Get help for workplace bullying. Ask your supervisors, attorney, and psychotherapist for assistance on the matter.

Male Co-Mates in Cubicles

No, this is not a case of reverse gender discrimination but it is based on scientific studies. Sharing a cubicle with a male co-worker increases the risks of being exposed to pathogens including germs, which can result in various illnesses.

In a study conducted by scientists at the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, men’s offices have 10%-20% greater number of bacteria (e.g., norovirus) than women’s offices. The reasons cited include the men’s lesser attention to hand hygiene and larger bodies where bacteria can thrive.

Tip: Wash your hands as frequently as possible. Use a bleach solution to clean your work areas.

Communal Coffeepot

Think of it: Noroviruses, which can be easily and quickly transmitted by touching an infected person and coming into contact with their contaminated food, cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. When you drink coffee prepared by an infected person and pour it from a communal coffeepot, then you have high risks of becoming infected, too.

Because it will be impractical to hire a workers compensation attorney to file a lawsuit based on your illness from your use of a communal coffeepot, just use your own instead.

Air You Breathe

While you cannot stop breathing in the office air, you should be aware of the pollutants, contaminants and toxins in it that can cause illnesses in your body. Examples include spray paints, latex products, and adhesives, among other respiratory irritants, which your employer should ideally address for the sake of the employees.

In conclusion, keep the contact information of the workers compensation attorney hire for their lawsuits – you may just need it considering the number of workplace dangers.

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